The Spur Gauteng Summer Trail Series 2016

main-picI have now been running for just over a year on and off due to injury, however I have mainly only taken part in road running. However as you would have seen with my adventures with the likes of the obstacle course races and even a duathlon. So when I was presented with the opportunity to take part in the Spur Trail Series, there was never any doubt that I would take on the challenge.

For those of you that do not know of the Spur Trail Series, it is a fantastic series of runs that travels around the countries and opens trail running to young or old, experienced or novice and of course to the supreme fit and soon to be fit (sounds much better than unfit). Each Spur Trail Series consists of four long and short races. You receive a medal if you complete the full Series by running at least three Challenge courses (short) or three Championship courses (long).

Remembering that I have previously interviewed the likes of Ryan Sandes and Landie Greyling, my eagerness to take on a trail run and with that in mind I entered the Spur Gauteng Trail series. Due to commitments with Indoor Hockey I was unable to run the first leg at Hennops River but was signed up for the following three.

Gauteng Summer Trail Series – Segwati Game Ranch

img_2185It was with nervous anticipation that I headed to Segwati for the first race and the overriding feeling that this was going to be tough. I was not wrong, the race was incredibly tough and it was incredibly fun, but the technical challenge of a trail run was incredibly refreshing for me as a road runner. The concentration levels required were definitely higher but the standard feeling of elation when I finished was once again that elation that all runners know. The standout difference for me was that when a downhill came, its gradient was so steep that you couldn’t take advantage of. It was bloody brilliant.

Gauteng Summer Trail Series – B’Sorah Tented Camp

dsc_7970This was the flattest of the four races with an overall elevation of less than 100m. There were still some tough moments when you climb at various points on ground that gives way quite easily. The flatter course however meant quicker times and coupled with the more overcast weather was really great quality. I ran this one along with my mate Kosh who provided some guidance on my form and we got ample opportunity to talk about the Gunners form. It was another great run.

Gauteng Summer Trail Series – Leeuwenkloof

Unfortunately injury curtailed me this year as a sprained ankle from action football denied me the opportunity to complete my 2016 Gauteng Summer Trail Series, much to my disappointment. I did however read and hear that this was the toughest of the series.


Overall it was a fantastic series and the team at Spur and Wildrunner do an absolutely incredible job in creating an environment of fun and fitness. I will be back in 2017 for the Spur Gauteng Winter Trail Series which takes place in June 2017 as I look to finish what I started. How about you join me?

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