Rocking at the Music Run

We were promised an experience unlike any other. We were promised the loudest 5km in the world. We were promised more fun in an afternoon than watching those cat videos on YouTube. We were promised entertainment. All of these promises were met in abundance at the first ever Music Run in South Africa.

Breaking the mould of traditional 5K fun runs, The Music Run™ allowed participants to run, dance and party along the ‘Sound Track’. The route was lined with 120 speakers and five music zones – Rock, Pop, Old School, Hip Hop and Dance. The playlist was compiled by YFM but voted for by participants. Along the route there were selfies a-plenty as participants were greeted by Harley Davidsons, bell-bottom wearing Hippies, Punch Buggies, a live graffiti session and the Old Mutual Dance Floor.

The Music Run had previously travelled the world to destinations including Kuala Lumpur, Stockholm and Singapore and now more than 3000 Joburgers took part in Africa’s first Music Run. Arriving at the venue we were immediately greeted with a festival of entertainment and the bright, loud sounds expected of a music run.

The venue itself had a host of activities from title sponsor Old Mutual coupled with the good old mechanical bull, human ten pin bowling, giant jenga and Sumo suits for wrestling. There was also the melodic tunes of the The Muffinz, Lebza the Villain and internationally acclaimed DJ’s Sam Withers and Euphonik pumping the beats with the beautiful Khutso Theledi on the stage in the Music Village.

The first KM was the rock KM and with a backdrop of Blink 182 was supplemented superbly by the characters like Elvis Pressley, KISS and a whole bunch of bikers. From there you were greeted by the Katy Perry themed pop kilometre. Every activation was pumping, this was not a race but rather an experience to savour.

KM 3 was the old school zone where the Volkswagen Beetles added a brilliant dimension to the swinging 60s and Hip Hop in KM 4 brought out the best of the live graffiti session before the best was most definitely saved for last. The final KM was the Dance KM and well the likes of Aviici, Skrillex and Martin Garrix providing the backdrop, the best activation loomed about 500m from the finish. Powered by Old Mutual the Dance activation was out of this world. A blow up rave party with Michael Jackson, things that you usually only see under the influence and a dancing disco ball were part of the entertainment.

As we crossed the finish there was not the normal sense of satisfaction in finishing a race, but rather a sense of enjoyment of the experience we had just had. The Music Run will soon launch more events in South Africa and I can’t wait till it comes back to Johannesburg! We most certainly had lived the Beat!




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