5 Reasons to be excited for the FIH Hockey World Cup

The FIH Hockey World Cup gets underway today in Bhubaneswar in India. Its the fourteenth edition of the global hockey showpiece. The South African Men will be taking part and in action today against the hosts India, in our 6th World Cup appearance. With a previous best finish of 10th place, coach Mark Hopkins has set his sights on trying to ruffle a few feathers and cause some upsets in sneaking into the top 10. With the action getting underway today, here are five reasons to get excited (If you weren’t excited already)

The Reverse Stick Daily Podcast

My good friends Matt and John are undoubtedly the best hockey podcast that I listen to. They have a great ability to talk about the sport as fans and players, and following the success of the World Cup Daily for the Womens World Cup, the most popular Australian duo since Savage Garden, will be back at it again. Daily recaps, predictions and reactions from the different players. They have pulled along the brilliant Ernst Baart from Studio Hockey for predictions, while Jaspreet Sahni will be reporting live from India. Check it out on all podcast bases.

Scorrd Hockey Fantasy League

In English football, the Fantasy Premier League is so big that it has weekly shows, columns and vlogs all dedicated to it. Its a small opportunity for fans to test their metal as they stay up to date on injuries and concerns. Hockey attempted it with the World League final and Dream Team, but Scorrd, the Hockey social network, have come to the board brilliantly setting up one for the tournament. Of course you will want to join some leagues to test how much of a fantasy pro you are, so I can suggest The Reverse Stick and The Inside Pull as good options. Of course you can also start your own, but time might be a little bit tight.

Supersport’s live coverage

Supersport have come to the party in a massive way for South African Hockey over the past 3 years with their coverage of test series, major events, and of course the Premier Hockey League. Following the coverage of the Womens World Cup this year, Supersport will once again be televising the World Cup here in South Africa.

That opening ceremony

That was special. Hockey is often seen as an also-ran sport, but the opening ceremony was not at all also-ran. It was Olympic-esque, it was really great and it got the excitement pumping. More of the same would be great.

 [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AMaW5xW5PCA]

The Inside Pull

Relative newcomers on the South African Hockey Media playing field, The Inside Pull are doing a fantastic job. With the quality of product they are producing currently expect to see much more from them throughout the tournament.

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