We started a Podcast

I have been a regular guest on The Reverse Stick the Global Hockey Podcast based out of Australia and it gave me a taste of the sweet nectar that is Podcast. A good friend of mine Derek Alberts started publishing his Podcast from the Dakar Rally through the Rayder Media Company and an idea was blossomed.

The idea was brought into fruition through a discussion in between a pub quiz at Giles Restaurant that saw us agree on launching the first South African Hockey podcast. Derek, who is well known sports entertainer in South Africa, would bring the know how on the media side, while I would bring the know how on the hockey side.

In the 9 years I have been writing about hockey in South Africa I have encountered some incredible stories, some backs against the wall, some victories in the face of defeat and of course incredible displays of pure grit. It was this knowledge that led me to want to try and tell these stories in another form and that brings us to where we are today.

The Hockey 24 Seven Podcast

Deciding on the name was fairly easy as part of the Sports 24 Seven family is the online hockey shop named Hockey 24 Seven, where you can get a wide range of hockey equipment from a selection of different brands.

Hockey 24 Seven will be weekly Podcast, brought to you by Rayder Media, that will feature one guest a week talking about their hockey life’s or possibly a specific tournament or event. Each guest will also be tested with the Hockey 24 Seven One Question Quiz and we will keep an honours board of those who get it right!

Photo – Robert Swanepoel

You can listen to week 1 right here where we chatted to a long time friend of the website and mine personally, Lloyd “Chuck” Norris-Jones. Lloyd chats about his retirement from International Hockey, filling size 14 shoes and stealing goals from Justin Reid-Ross!

If you would like to partner with the Podcast or would love us to cover a specific upcoming event, feel free to contact us at atj@sports24seven.co.za or info@rayder.media.

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