Rhett Halkett retires from International Hockey

This morning the South African Hockey public were stunned by the news that Rhett Halkett has retired from International Hockey. The Hamburg defender announced his retirement on his social media accounts this morning.

The reaction from the hockey public has been nothing short of superb further highlighting the impact the resolute defender has had on the game in the country.

Rhett made his debut for South Africa in March 2009 against Germany and has amassed 157 caps for the country. Along the way he played in the Commonwealth Games, the Olympic Games and of course the FIH Hockey World Cup. He was also honoured in South Africa when he was named the SA Player of the Year in 2016.

Rhett has also been a massive support to me first on All Things Jabu and later here on Sports 24 Seven as I have tried to tell the South African hockey tale. He took part in a fun series of Rhett’s diaries and was the first player I ever interviewed twice. I personally would like to thank Rhett for his years of support, but more importantly for his years of commitment to the South African Hockey team.

There were few players in the world that could produce the quality of cover saves, post blocks and bad ass defence, there is also many strikers in the world that will be pleased that the sight of Rhett as a kicking back is now a thing in the past!

There are many kids that play the game inspired by you and I know they will be sad that its over, but supremely happy that it happened.

Good luck for your future endeavours and I am looking forward to getting you on the Hockey 24 Seven Podcast to chat soon!


All images are courtesy of intagram and Rhett’s account.

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