The Run Ride Dive and Sports 24 Seven PHL Team of the Tournament

In the fourth year of the CTM Premier Hockey League we once again delivered throughout the tournament with social media coverage, press releases and stats that make the accountant side of me excited beyond belief.

In each year I have selected a team of the tournament, that is of course my opinion. In each year it’s been positively spread, but also lambasted by a select few. Importantly it raised conversation in the hockey community and so we bring it back again. This year I partnered up with Run Ride Dive, the official tournament photographer to bring you a team of the tournament as well as for the first time, the uncapped team of the tournament.

The rules for the uncapped team are pretty simple, player has to be uncapped and player could not be in our team of the tournament, which made things interesting!

In coming to the final team of the tournament we got input from each of the coaches, as well as Jamie-Leigh Chisholm, the person behind the PHL Social media accounts. Marcel and I then had an epic four-hour discussion to reach a final team. If you think we left someone out comment in the post, create your own and let’s talk about hockey some more.

All photos – Marcel Sigg. For more photos check out the Run Ride Dive PHL Galleries here

Our Men’s tournament team features Dragons and Mambas players prominently, while the women’s team obviously features the stars of the Wings and Rangers. I once again took liberty on the format to fit into the sides, but it is called the Run Ride Dive Sports 24 Seven teams of the tournament, so liberty approved.

In terms of the men’s team we would like to give shout out to Miguel da Graca, Taine Paton and Dan Sibbald who were the closest to selection that missed out. In the women’s team the duo of Ongi Mali and Celia Evans were the players that missed out although being massively considered.

Without further ado, here are our teams.

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