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A Pain in the Brain – Floored by Injury

Last year I took on the well i am 4 challenge. I was one of the Transformation finalists and found myself physically and emotionally lighter. I had become a passionate social runner, building up to 15 km with relative comfort. Sweets and sugar had never appeared less appealing to me. My affinity towards Coca-Cola and […]

A Day at the Comrades with KPMG

There are few sporting events in the world that have the ability to produce goosebumps with the regularity of the Comrades Marathon. From the National anthem and Chariots of Fire at the start, to incredible defiance of physical limits during the day, the Comrades Marathon produces extraordinary at an astonishing rate. Having attended Comrades in […]

The JabuView with The Stoff

My journey through life has seen me be privileged to share conversations and moments with so many people who have inspired my life and so many of my heroes growing up. As Paul Wesselhoft aptly said, “That for a time on earth I was privileged, To walk among the giants.” This poem makes me think of the giants […]

Jabu chats to Brad Brown on Old Mutual Live

Creator of All Things Jabu, Tyron “Jabu” Barnard has been a longtime fan of Brad Brown and through his well i am challenge adventure managed to catch Brad’s attention. Brad immediately asked to talk to Tyron on Old Mutual Live about his adventure into running and his adventure with the well i am challenge. Listen […]

well i am… worth it

98 days ago I embarked on a challenge to change myself. A challenge to move to a healthy lifestyle and to become someone I am proud to be. With a massive degree of trepidation I embarked on the well i am challenge. A challenge to live 100 healthy days, making choices that were beneficial for […]

Going the distance with well i am

38 days ago I embarked on my own journey with the well i am challenge. I had hidden behind a range of excuses regarding my weight and had failed to take ownership of my own situation. It was frankly embarrassing and something that I am slightly ashamed of. But we cant change the past, we […]

Why you should join Unogwaja

Today is a momentous day as the Unogwaja opens its application for the 2016 Challenge. If you know the story of Phil Masterton-Smith and the story of John McInroy and more importantly the way these two stories have overlapped to create the Unogwaja challenge, then you will not need any cajoling from me. If you […]

Checking in on the well i am

You may remember from a previous post that I am taking on the well i am challenge in a bid to fix my life, fix my health and fix my future. The well i am 4 challenge is now ten days underway as I type this and I can’t believe that it is that far […]

Taking on the well i am challenge

For years I have hidden behind a range of excuses and failed to take accountability for my health and more specifically my weight. On my recent journey with the Unogwaja Challenge I was once again reminded of the importance of heart and following your dreams. My dream is to be a healthy father to my […]