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Hockey24Seven reviews JDH

[av_one_half first min_height=” vertical_alignment=” space=” custom_margin=” margin=’0px’ padding=’0px’ border=” border_color=” radius=’0px’ background_color=” src=” background_position=’top left’ background_repeat=’no-repeat’ animation=”] [av_textblock size=’40’ font_color=” color=”] Growing up as a hockey fan there was always one name that I would hear that would be the equivalent of a Cristiano Ronaldo / Lionel Messi from a hockey perspective. That name could only be […]

PUMA Golf TITANTOUR Ignite – now with Disc

“Innovation” gets thrown around a lot when we talk about sportswear. But if there was ever a brand that genuinely, meaningfully and consistently lived up to its definition, it would be PUMA. Central to this is the PUMA Disc: currently the world’s fastest non-lacing system and which this year celebrates 25 years in the business of […]

Bring back the Green Bokke

This past Saturday the Springboks were defeated for the first time in history by Ireland in a test match played in South Africa. There will be player’s ratings, lessons learned and massive opinion posts all over the internet all week as everyone looks to tell us where Springbok rugby has failed. It’s definitely the fault […]

PUMA take Tricks to Golf

PUMA have decided to shake things up again. Having introduced dual coloured Tricks running shoes and football shoes (as seen on the feet of Nacho Monreal, Sergio Aguero and Marco Reus this past weekend), PUMA have launched the limited edition TITANTOUR IGNITE Tricks golf shoe that will be worn by defending champion Ricky Fowler at the […]

Taking Ignite to a New Level with PUMA


I recently got the opportunity to spend some time in both the new PUMA Ignite Ultimate and the PUMA Speed 600 Ignite, the latest offerings in the Ignite series. After just one week its without doubt that theses shoes offer you some fantastic comfort, support and incredible style. They have taken the brilliant foundations laid […]

All about tennis strings…


Strings is an area of tennis equipment that is sorely neglected. Manufacturers will tell you that strings are more important than the racket frame. Coming in many shapes and sizes, it’s very difficult to know what’s going on in the world of tennis strings, and it really is a world on it’s own. One section that […]

Play and stay Stage 1- Green tennis balls

Tennis South Africa has recently enforced that all tournaments for 12 and under are to use the stage 1 green ball.  My opinion is that this is really great. We need the coaches, clubs and parents to help promote Play and Stay because, after all, it was designed for just that, to keep players in […]