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The JabuView with Unogwaja Aline Carvalho

Tomorrow morning the Unogwaja team leave the Tsogo Sun, Southern Sun Waterfront in Cape Town for the beginning of the sixth Unogwaja Challenge. This year Brazil feature once again and before they descended on Cape Town, I had a chat with Brazilian Aline Carvalho. For the benefit of our Brazilian friends, the interview is published […]

The JabuView with Unogwaja Ian Martincich

I first met Ian when I was asked to interview him for the Unogwaja Challenge. Our mutual love of Red Socks and the Arsenal Football club led to a great couple of chats and even an early morning climb up Lions Head together. As Ian prepares to take on the journey from Cape Town to […]

The JabuView with Unogwaja Andrea Moritz

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As we continue our journey through the Unogwaja Challenge 2016 team, we know get a chance to meet the first ever Canadian to take part in the Unogwaja Challenge. The Comrades Marathon ambassador jumped at the opportunity to take part in the journey of heart and also to chat to us about all things Unogwaja. […]

The JabuView with Unogwaja Miguel Netto

INFLAMED 3CL 2017_rakieta_oliver_09

In my various roles with Unogwaja over the past four years, I have met some fine individuals. People who will always put others before themselves, people who are determined to leave the World better each day and people who believe in the power of following your heart. All these descriptions could describe Miguel Netto, one […]

The JabuView with Unogwaja Craig Wiseman

The 2016 Unogwaja Challenge is just 60 days away and it’s time to meet our next member of the 2016 team. Craig Wiseman, our favourite Australian (Although he is really a South African), decided after his world was changed in 2015 that he would like to take on the 2016 edition and play a role […]

The JabuView with Unogwaja Chris Adams

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The Unogwaja Challenge has a strong association with the United States that stems back to 2013 when Cindy joined the Unogwaja Challenge support crew after a freak encounter with John McInroy. 2014 then saw Cory Arcak join in with the support crew, a role reprised in 2015,  and the relationship continued to blossom. Cory is […]

The JabuView with Amanda Cromhout

This week Unogwaja 2016 team member Amanda Cromhout became the first team member to blast through her R 50 000 fundraising goals for this years challenge. The Cape Town based mom of three has no plans to stop there and is doing her best to help make a sustainable difference for the future of our […]

The JabuView with The Stoff

My journey through life has seen me be privileged to share conversations and moments with so many people who have inspired my life and so many of my heroes growing up. As Paul Wesselhoft aptly said, “That for a time on earth I was privileged, To walk among the giants.” This poem makes me think of the giants […]

The JabuView with Unogwaja Captain Nat Mabetwa

Over the years my relationship with the Unogwaja Challenge has become a focal point of All Things Jabu and although I have chosen to not travel with the team in 2016 due to time constraints, I am still immensely passionate about what Unogwaja stands for and the tangible difference we can make together. For the […]