Five Great Stories of the FIH Indoor Hockey World Cup

If you blinked you probably missed it as, after the three-year wait, the Indoor Hockey World has come and gone. Austria won their first ever title in the Men’s tournament while Germany established themselves as the leader in the Women’s game with their third title from five Hockey World Cups. Other than the obvious, there […]

Five Hockey Events to Excite in 2018

2018 is arguably the biggest year in hockey for a while and while you sit on the edge of your seating eagerly anticipating what the hockey world will offer, its time to make sure you plan your international holidays around these epic events for 2018! Here are Five Hockey events that we think will excite […]

Sports 24 Seven Indoor Hockey Awards

Last week at the conclusion of the Premier Hockey League the South African Hockey Association announced the SA Hockey Awards (for 2016, the 2017 awards will only be announced at PHL 2018). There was a glaring absence from the awards and that was any recognition for the Indoor format of the game. I have subsequently […]

PHL 2017 | Four, Two, One!

And just like that, the Premier Hockey League is finished for 2017. After an initial delay in the tournament, the tournament offered some more excitement and more importantly, at least for me, a further chance to tell the story of South African Hockey and the players that make this such a special sport. Here is […]

PHL 2017 | Reviewing Weekend Three

The group stages are done and the final four will line up as follows: Lakers vs. Daisies Mambas vs. Dragons Bunters vs. Rafters Cavemen vs. Elephants Here is a recap of the third weekend’s action ahead of the final two days. Remember you can read our recap from week one here and from week two […]

PHL 2017 | Reviewing Weekend Two

[av_textblock size=” font_color=” color=”] And just like that, we have passed the halfway stage of the 2017 South African Hockey Premier League. Played at the same time as the Hockey World League Finals, the PHL have arrived at the right time for South African fans dying to fill our time with some quality hockey watching. […]

PHL 2017 | Reviewing Weekend One

[av_textblock size=” font_color=” color=”] As the wait ended for the 2017 Premier Hockey League, so too did the clouds open up on Randburg Astroturf. The weather robbed us of two of the opening games, but the excitement was not diminished at all. Of course, there may have been a few fewer bums on seats in […]