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The Adipower Legend is a truly exceptional racket designed to pay homage to the unique player it represents. Inspired by the extraordinary talents and unwavering determination of Seba Nerone, this exclusive racket is crafted to accompany the most skilled and dedicated padel players. Its captivating design perfectly complements its outstanding features.

This legendary padel racket incorporates cutting-edge technologies that enable players to adapt to various game styles within the confines of the court. It guarantees exceptional power thanks to the 2-to-1 Carbon Aluminized surface, the Dual Exoskeleton, and Power Embossed Ridge reinforcements. Masters of the padel court not only possess incredible power but also possess the finesse to execute a diverse range of shots.

For those seeking unrivaled spin capabilities, the Adipower Legend incorporates the top-of-the-line Spin Blade and Smart Holes Curve technologies. With the Seba Nerone Adipower Legend, players can handle the game like a true legend, showcasing exceptional skill and finesse on the court.


DUAL EXOSKELETON: The Dual Exoskeleton is a reinforcement system that utilizes double-height carbon fiber ribs integrated into the core and frame of the racket. Its primary objective is to provide exceptional rigidity and resistance to torsion, ensuring optimal performance in powerful shots.

SPIN BLADE: The Spin Blade technology features a specially designed surface on the racket that enhances ball reactions, particularly when applying various spin effects. This innovative feature enables players to generate wicked spin on the ball and execute highly deceptive shots on the court.

GOMA EVA SOFT PERFORMANCE: The Goma Eva Soft Performance rubber is a lightweight compound specifically engineered to deliver superior ball output and responsive reactions during rallies. This relatively flexible material caters to both control-oriented and aggressive playing styles, offering a perfect balance of comfort and performance.