The COURT FF™ 3 NOVAK tennis shoe provides the flexibility and stability you need to remain focused on your game. After all, it’s created for the best by the best. It’s the only shoe made in partnership with tennis legend Novak Djokovic, and it’s designed to help support extreme movements so you can cover all areas of the court.

The shoe’s TWISTRUSS™ technology is lightweight and strategically placed, allowing you to move quickly and easily while keeping your foot stable and supported. For added stability, its MONO-SOCK™ upper ensures better support, and the outsole enables you to move across the court with ease while reducing the impact on your body.

How does the COURT FF™ 3 NOVAK provide more flexibility and stability?

  • TWISTRUSS™ technology allows you to move faster without compromising stability because of its strategic placement and reduced weight.
  • MONO-SOCK™ upper ensures a more comfortable fit and provides better support for added stability.
  • Industry-first, innovative three-piece outsole design helps you move across the court with ease.

What else makes the COURT FF™ 3 NOVAK shoe stand out?

We’ve worked closely with tennis legend Novak Djokovic to ensure this shoe can support players who require more flexibility and stability. We’ve spent hours testing and perfecting it at our Institute of Sports Science (ISS) in Japan, incorporating Novak’s feedback and the results from wear testing. We’ve also applied findings from our biomechanical research and have included sustainable innovation where possible. The COURT FF™ 3 NOVAK tennis shoe is Novak Djokovic’s signature shoe, featuring his unique logo, so you’ll look just like Novak when you step onto the court. The shoe includes additional features to support you during your game


  • TWISTRUSS technology

    Combines stability and flexibility to reach any shot with ease.

  • MONO-SOCK upper

    Ensures a more comfortable fit and provides better support.

  • Innovative three-piece outsole design

    Helps players move across the court with ease while reducing the impact on the body.

  • FLYTEFOAM technology

    Keeps the shoe lightweight to allow ease of movement and provides cushioning for better shock absorption and a softer landing.

  • Forefoot GEL technology

    Provides maximum shock absorption to create a softer feel on landing and reduce impact on joints.

  • PGUARD technology

    Improves the durability of the outsole’s toe and heel area.

  • AHARPLUS outsole rubber

    Improves durability.

  • Designed with the environment in mind

    We’ve used less water and carbon emissions to produce the shoe’s sockliner. Better for you, better for the environment.