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Tolerance and explosive power: exactly what you need to let no shot get past you and to control the game with patience, while waiting for the perfect ball to win the game. In other words, a counter striker.
The Counter Viper gets a new makeover: the same proven advantages as its predecessor, but more comfortable. Be a COUNTER STRIKER. Wear out your opponents before finishing off the ball to win the point.

Team BABOLAT pro players may play with a customized or different model than the equipment depicted.


  • EXPLOSIVE POWER – You wanted more power, and we’ve given you explosiveness. Experience maximum intensity with a carbon surface combined with X-EVA technology that delivers unprecedented explosive power. Make every shot count and outperform your opponents.
  • TOLERANCE – If you want to control the game and be a COUNTER STRIKER, tolerance is key. We know that and that’s why we developed a new racquet shape with a larger sweet spot. Get ready to hit back the toughest balls and start dominating the game again.
  • COMFORT – Padel is first and foremost a game that you should be able to play without any worries. We know that a stiff racquet can cause discomfort in the arms of some players. Therefore, our R&D team has worked to reduce the risk of injury. The new VIBRABSORB SYSTEM² technology, Powered by SMAC, provides optimal vibration dampening thanks to a combination of elastomers integrated into the carbon fibers at the core and the handle of the racquet.