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Supercharge your game with the FLASH, an oversized, teardrop-shaped all-rounder. With its easy power, and soft playing feel, this is ideal for casual players starting to compete at a club. While the fiberglass hitting surface supplies a softer feel and touch, the larger sweet spot offers more tolerance and forgiveness. And you will look at the part on the court as the FLASH has been refreshed with a new design that includes color pops.

• Easy power for casual players starting to compete at a club
• Oversized, teardrop-shaped all-rounder to supercharge your game
• Fiberglass hitting the surface for a softer feel and touch
• Larger sweet spot offers more tolerance and forgiveness
• New design with color pops


  1. Innegra™INNEGRA™Innegra™ is today the world’s lightest high-performance fiber. Its extreme toughness and HEADs advanced carbon composite technology lead to a novel ultra-tough hybrid composite.
  2. Power Foam
    Power FoamPOWER FOAMPOWER FOAM is the perfect ally for maximum power. The speed at which your ball will reach will surprise your opponents as much as yourself.
  3. Power Frame
    Power FramePOWER FRAMEThe frame of this model is constructed to create more power.
  4. Integrated Protector System (IPS)
    Integrated Protector System (IPS)INTEGRATED PROTECTOR SYSTEM (IPS)INTEGRATED PROTECTOR: the Integrated Protector is a pre-molded carbon bumper that protects your racquet from chips and scratches, which extends the lifetime of your racquet.
  5. Tailored Frame
    Tailored FrameTAILORED FRAMEEvery tube section is individually constructed to achieve the best performance for each racquet.