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Padel racket for professional players. It is designed to provide maximum performance on the court. Thanks to its oversize tear shape, this padel racket creates a lever effect so you can strike the ball with maximum power.

Develop your power in each game thanks to the TOURNAMENT racket. Its OVERSIZE TEARDROP shape creates a lever effect that enables you to inject maximum energy into each shot. Your rival will have to receive your more powerful shot. The outer layer is made with 12k carbon fibers. 12000 interwoven carbon filaments which create a robust racket with extra power. The interior core is built with EVA PRO technology, a high recovery rubber which, when combined with the 12k carbon exterior, provides the control needed to develop the maximum power in your shot in a controlled way.


• Shape: teardrop
• Core: EVA PRO
• Face: 12k carbon fibre
• Frame: 100% carbon fibre
• Weight: 360-370 g