Tennis and padel shoes for men. Play your favorite racquet sport with these superhoes intended for training and competition. Famous for its excellent grip, stability, and protection, the Ace model will only provide you with features worthy of a true professional player.

The upper is made of super light, flexible, and breathable textiles, accompanied by VTS perforations that allow air to enter and exit. Thus, the foot will remain cool and dry even during moments of greatest performance. The fit comes from our JOMA SPORTTECH system, which adds seamless synthetic. Support is optimized with the PERFECT FIT lacing.

It incorporates several PROTECTION pieces to protect the foot from possible external blows and give more firmness to the cut.

The midsole is made of flexible, lightweight phylon that cushions impact. It also incorporates a double STABILIS system, a piece that stabilizes the footprint and prevents inappropriate turns.

The DURABILITY herringbone or clay rubber sole is designed for playing on clay or paddle tennis courts. It provides the necessary grip on slippery surfaces as it expels sand from the sole. It has excellent traction when you start moving, stop, or change direction. You will be able to slide down the track without difficulties.


  • Suited for: medium weight – high
  • Intensity of use: training and competition