Men’s padel tennis shoes, designed for competition and training of professional paddle players. They are characterized by their excellent stability, strength, and hold. Excellent shock absorption which will help you to perform fast and safe movements on the court.

Specific men’s padel shoes, designed for high competition and training. Characterized for being the perfect combination of stability, reactivity, and cushioning. This shoe is ideal for those professional paddle players of medium-high weight who want to improve their experience on the court. Featuring a wide and more comfortable shape.

Made of flexible and breathable fabric, with small VTS perforations improving the entry and exit of air for proper sweat ventilation. This fabric is protected and reinforced by synthetic material strategically placed without seams. The absence of seams eliminates weight improving fit.


  • Thanks to the combination of the PERFECT FIT system, allowing for a personalized fit, and the ADJUSTFIT SYSTEM, providing an exceptional fit thanks to the shape of its lacing, achieving a perfect adaptation to the foot.
  • Incorporates a piece of protection in the toe to reinforce its resistance to abrasion.
  • The midsole has been made using the double phylon of the FULL DUAL PULSOR technology. The phylon that goes from the toe to the heel is of greater density providing stability to the step, while at the same time, one of its parts is raised through the PROTECTION technology. What’s more, it is sectioned with the FLEXO flex line system adapting to the footprint. The phylon in the heel area is of lower density, providing greater cushioning and, therefore, generating better shock absorption.
  • Includes a STABILIS SYSTEM piece that stabilizes the footprint preventing inappropriate turns and injuries.
  • The sole is made of durable rubber with excellent resistance to wear and tear due to abrasion.