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10% Carbon Pro-Bend hockey stick with a fibreglass skeleton. An entry level composite stick with specifically placed carbon inserts to provide good levels of stiffness, durability and strength in high-stress areas. The Japanese toray carbon ensures maximum energy transfer for a stick of this specification. The three colour options offer an attractive set of choices from a modern and fresh colour palette. The Pro Bend incorporates a 23.5mm bow positioned just below the mid-point of the shaft (280mm). The shaft has then been shaped to give a thinner profile under the right hand and a balance point that favours the head end of the stick. This gives a combination of great stick turn-over due to the shape but enhanced hitting power because of the balance point and sweet spot.


  • 10% Carbon
  • PRO Bend – 23.5MM
  • Fibreglass Skeleton

Additional information

Stick Bow Type

Low Bow


Creation of perfectly balanced sticks is based on experienced craftsmen, handling the highest quality raw materials and then balancing the final product with the introduction of specific, measured amounts of silicon rubber inside the shaft. This rubber coating, applied at the base of the handle provides a damping effect, reducing vibrations.


Looking for control? EVOLUTION and GENESIS composite sticks feature a silicon-based resin on the face of the sticks not silica. The result – increased ball control and skill enhancement. Tiny black rubber particles give texture to the surface. Because they squash on impact they provide a microscopic level of ‘damping’. Perfect for stopping and ball control.


Piezo-electric ibres are included in the Evolution range, are used to ‘harvest’ the vibrations created in these super-stiff sticks and turn them into heat. The result of this is efficient vibration dampening.