Goalkeeping equipment is both simple and complicated – designed to protect the goalkeeper as much as possible, to enhance confidence and skill execution. But at the same time it needs to be lightweight and comfortable. Designed to assist skill execution, we believe in our foam having high rebound characteristics, propelling the ball away from the danger area, meaning the goalkeeper does not have to over-propel the ball, increasing the risk of a loss of control, direction or ball height.

  • ELITE, PRO, GENESIS 0.1 AND 0.2 kits feature a unique skin on the foam, reducing surface friction and helping sliding /smothering techniques
  • Inner construction on all kits uses a heat sensitive foam so the inner foam changes to fit the keepers body.
  • Legguards and Kickers have a strap between them to minimise the rotation of the legguards
  • All Mercian foam is designed to give the optimium rebound and weight combinations to aid the mobility characteristicsneeded by modern keepers, but maximise protection and rebound