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Topspin learning and teaching aid

  • Master topspin quickly and transform your tennis – more power, control & consistency
  • ‘Guides’ racket face along exact path of modern tennis strokes
  • Ideal for intermediate players & beginners
  • Practise anywhere – the office, the garden, or while watching TV!

Well over 90% of tennis strokes are now hit with topspin. And because it delivers such consistency, the sooner a player acquires the skill, the better.

How does the TopspinPro work?

The TopspinPro training aid allows you to replicate instantly the exact bio-mechanics of the modern tennis ground stroke. With the TopspinPro you can repeat the correct stroke fifty times in a minute. This repetition is critical to learning a new habit as it locks in the muscle-memory. Moments later you`ll be hitting perfect topspin.

By forcing you to keep the angle of your racket face constant and allowing you to feel what it`s like to brush the ball, not hit it, the TopspinPro combines both the visual and kinaesthetic elements essential to genuine accelerated learning.