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Fernando Belasteguin’s padel of choice, designed for aggressive attackers looking for power, precision and consistency.

Co-designed with former world #1 Fernando Belasteguin, the Bela Pro V2.5 puts his padel racket of choice into the hands of every player who aspires to be the best. Inspired by his tireless dedication to the sport and his unquenchable drive to win, the Bela Pro utilizes cutting-edge technology to deliver top performance that’s ideal for advanced players looking to dictate the point. Featuring an enhanced sweet spot and a consistent feel, the frame is integrated with a Firm EVA Foam and Primero Carbon, offering a potent combination of power and responsiveness. Spin Effect texture generates consistent spin, while a thoughtfully designed hole pattern maintains uniform responsiveness across the face. Other upgrades with this padel racket include added notches in the throat to provide a comfortable second hand feel and a clear bumper to prolong frame and paint durability.


  • Co-designed with and padel racket of choice for padel legend Fernando Belasteguin
  • Integrates premium carbon into the frame for mix of incredible power and quick responsiveness, maximizing propulsion off the paddle face.
  • Firm EVA Foam: Produces solid, crisp shots for quicker ball deflection and excellent control.
  • Spin Effect Texture: Textured surface grips ball upon contact for enhanced spin and excellent feel on every shot.
  • Sharp Hole Technology: Advanced hole-drilling process generates increased bite with every stroke.
  • Shock Shield Grip: Unique blend of PU and Iso-Zorb supplies excellent combination of tack and cushioned comfort.
  • C2 Tubular Construction: Crafted with precision using a carbon tubular construction, ensuring a uniform tubular thickness and resulting in increased durability, incredible shot control, and superior feel over the entire padel.