Already boasting a 7% larger sweet spot from the ISOMETRICTM square-shaped frame1, the ASTREL also has an added 2.9% larger sweet spot from its new throat and grommet designs.

To further elongate the strings, a new throat trench is incorporated at the bottom of the frame, while Liner Tech at the top promotes more string movement. Quad Force Gear is added at the outer corners to increase the cross-section height for increased frame stability and power.

The Tri-Shut System combines VDM (Vibration Dampening Mesh) in the grip, Shockless Grommets in the yoke above the throat, and VIBSLAYER CARBON at the top of the frame for more shock absorption while maintaining power. The three comfort-focused technologies combine to reduce harsh vibrations resulting in less strain on the arm.

This lightweight series uses React Resin – a high strength, high durability resin combined with carbon graphite – to keep the racquet light and flexible. In addition to improving frame stability and power, Quad Force Gear is also integrated within the frame structure to improve maneuverability.

1 ISOMETRICTM is a trademark of Yonex Co., Ltd.
2 Compared to the current ASTREL; tested by Yonex


  • VIBRATION DAMPENING MESH (VDM) – VDM is a stretchy mesh material that is wrapped around the graphite within the grip to filter unwanted vibrations and improve touch and precision.
  • NEW GROMMET SHAPES – An oval-shaped grommet on the upper frame and a trumpet-shaped grommet on the side frame allow for greater ball pocketing and string movement. Allows the strings to move more freely for more snapback.

  • 2G-Namd™ SPEED – The shaft is composed of 2G-Namd™ Speed. It provides better flexibility and power. As a result, the energy is transferred into a quick snapback. 3.7%* more flexible and 2.4%* faster snapback.

  • ERGO POWER GRIP – Tapered grip shape gradually thickens from the top of the grip to the butt cap. 3% faster ball speed.

  • ISOMETRICTM – Enhanced sweet spot: A square-shaped ISOMETRICTM racquet generates a 7% larger sweet spot for greater control without sacrificing power.