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Yonex has once again set a new standard in technology with their Astrox 100 ZZ Kurenai for 2021. The innovative racket boasts the slimmest shaft ever created by Yonex, allowing it to effortlessly cut through the air with minimal resistance. Unlike traditional rackets with a hollow core, the ZZ’s Hyper Slim Shaft is constructed with a solid core graphite for increased resilience and power transfer.

Furthermore, the popular ISOMETRIC frame has been optimized to create an expanded sweet spot that is 2.9% larger than its predecessors. Yonex has also made improvements to the cap at the top of the handle to reduce shaft twisting and increase flexibility, providing players with even more control.

The ENERGY BOOST CAP features an indent that offers a comfortable and stable place for the thumb to rest for those who prefer to place their thumb at the top of the grip while serving. High-quality Namd graphite is used throughout the shaft and frame, resulting in increased flex and a faster snapback, which unleashes dramatic steep power. The material stays flexible even with increased swing speed, allowing it to bend further and snap back rapidly, producing stronger shots and greater smash speeds. With attention paid to every detail, Yonex has truly outdone themselves with the Astrox 100 ZZ Kurenai.