Yonex’s premier shoe for stability, and durability, the Power Cushion Eclipsion 4, is designed to withstand the most aggressive movements on the court while maintaining the comfort needed for the long grinding matches. Endorsed on the pro tour by Stan Wawrinka, this shoe puts a premium on support and stability and will help you push off with maximum force when tracking down the next ball. The signature Power Cushion+ supplies exceptional shock absorption and rebound, while the Power Graphite Sheet in the mid-foot maximizes lateral stability while keeping the weight down. A multi-directional herringbone outsole is made from the Endurance Rubber II compound for traction and high wear resistance.

  • Upper: Double Russel ultra fine mesh that is extremely lightweight, and allows for more air exchange. Durable Skin has higher wear resistance while maintaining comfort and support. Heel Stabilizer located at the rear of the shoe, for added stability and support when landing.
  • Midsole: Power Cushion+ for shock absorption, and repulsion. 3D Power Graphite Drive Sheet inserted in the middle portion of the midsole to help maximize lateral stability and to help propel you forward while sprinting. Feather Bounce Foam, is an ultra-lightweight foam for added bounce.
  • Outsole: Roundsole ensures smooth movements and the transfer of maximum energy. Heel Contact Roundsole for smoother landings, and smooth heel-to-toe transition. Endurance Rubber II compound in a modified herringbone pattern, dense rubber in high wear areas, and more open tread on the lateral edge to help with sliding.