PODCAST| Episode 33 | Deetlefs Delivers

Double Olympian Lisa Deetlefs joins Derek and Jabu for another episode of our #LockdownListening podcast. We tackle the hard questions regarding the postponement of the Olympic Games and what it means for both the team and for Lisa personally.

Hockey 24 Seven | Episode 30 | Kelly Reed

Our Lockdown Listening series continues with the Hockey 24 Seven on Tour. Today its episode 30 and appropriately its the 2020 Indoor Hockey IPT Player of the Tournament Kelly Reed. This just six months after giving birth to her first child.

Hockey 24 Seven | Episode 28 | David Joshua

David Joshua was named as the national head coach of the SA Mens Indoor Hockey side and promptly led them to a 5-0 series victory against top 10 nation Switzerland.

Speaking to Jabu at the Indoor Hockey IPT in Durban, David speaks about the plans ahead, his goals as national coach and of course the tournament itself.

Hockey 24 Seven is a podcast from Rayder Media

Hockey 24 Seven | Episode 27 | Kim Hubach

Kim Hubach has done it all for South African Hockey. Having played more than 100 times for the national team, including at two FIH Hockey World Cups, the Northern Blues faithful continues to live for the game with the Hubach Hockey Academy now in full swing.