Variety is the spice of life!

We all have different tastes and requirements. This is why Tennis24seven offers SA best range of gear online. Have a look at this video to understand the importance of variety in a tennis frame…

Each manufacturer produces more than 20 rackets to suit more individuals.

So if you love a particular brand, you can find a racket perfectly suited to each individual within each brand. The trick is knowing which is the right racket! If you need help with finding the correct bat then this video is going to give you some ideas…

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I’ve used these racket brand stories for training in the past and thought it would be a good idea to share this knowledge. The philosophy at Sports24seven is to inform our customers. The more you know the better for yourself and us. You will discover that we set the bar really high with our standards of service and value added services that we offer.

Each brand will have anywhere between 3-5 ranges of rackets. Each of these ranges will be for a particular type of player, for example a baseliner. This range will then have a spectrum of rackets to suit many levels and ages of players by offering various weights (w), head sizes (h), lengths (l), string pattern (s), balance (b). If you need help understanding the dynamics of a racket then have a look here…

Not available in SA.

Not available in SA.